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 Beauty is a life force

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Our Mission

We understand and recognize the unique challenges your skin experiences caused by high altitude and environmental factors. 


Lé Paris offers the latest Technology for acne and stress-reducing treatments delivering visible results in a friendly, professional environment. Skin Essentials philosophy is to help everyone have healthy-looking skin, de-stress and recharge. This is Skin Essentials' top priority.

Lé Paris Med Spa 

Light therapy is a therapeutic technology

with roots dating
back to ancient times. Civilizations have understood
and harnessed the power of sunlight for medicinal and
healing purposes for centuries.

Bath Products

Lé Paris Facial

No skin is created equal, and we treat your facial that way. Every facial is tailored to your skin’s specific needs with a wide spectrum of skincare products that provide the best care to your skin. 

Red & infrared LEDs.

Lé Paris uses LED (Light-Emitting-Diodes) technology, using red and infrared light that can effectively penetrate into the skin. The LED light is known to promote the production of cells, collagen fibers, and elastin.



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We are an eco-oriented skincare brand that focuses on the moment when a plant releases its critical energy of blossoming.
Lé Paris has constructed a mechanism that is capable of collecting the plant's vital energy to deliver it directly to the skin.

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