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Lé Paris Signature Exclusive

Facial Treatment & Therapy

Lé Paris Signature Exclusive Treatments are customized to your specific needs, timeline, and goals. Every treatment is designed to increase dermal health. 

We discuss your skin before every appointment to decide what treatment is best. Each includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, treatment mask, and recommendations.

Lé Paris Signature Nano Technology

Taking the active facial a step further! Temporary micro-channels allow products and nutrients to be deeply penetrated. Good for Fine lines, Sunspots & age spots Oily skin or dry skin.  No numbing no needles 

Lé Paris Signature Hydra Bright Facial  

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of collagen-boosting peptides & brightening enzymes and acids. This treatment starts the process of breaking up sun damage and brighten your appearance. Leave with tone muscles and an obvious radiant finish! 

Lé Paris Signature 

The application of a high concentration of automized skin-lifting ingredients stimulates underlying tissues. This creates a firmer, hydrated surface area. 

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